Youth Group

Brett Eades

Brett Eades, Youth Leader

Furthering the vision that starts with our children, our youth gatherings provide a safe place in which young people are able to continue to explore Jesus in this world.

Entering the Story

As our young people grow and mature into young adults, they begin to awaken to the fact that they are in the story they have been studying. We are dedicated to helping them identify their role in the story that Jesus continues to tell in the fast-paced world around us.


Each Sunday morning, our young people begin worship upstairs in the Sanctuary with their parents. After the first few songs are done, youth are excused to go upstairs to the youth room for a time of discussion and fun.  The discussion we have is also worship! Young people are encouraged to process their active role in the story into which Jesus invites us all.


We experience community in a variety of ways and community is another way that young people (and the adults working with them) experience Jesus. Entering the story requires awareness of others. We strive to find ways to serve others together—providing a fun side-by-side learning experience in which relationships are built.

Sunday Mornings

We meet in the youth room upstairs following morning worship. On warm days, we will often move to the patio or walk to a local park. We will always notify parents via text if leaving the property. The safety of our young people is a primary concern for us. All of our lead volunteers have passed background checks.

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