You are a Missionary

“Missionary” is a confusing word that may conjure up all sorts of strange associations from cannibals in grass skirts to slide shows and potluck dinners. The truth is that every believer is a missionary, and every non-believer has yet to acknowledge their calling—to love the Lord our God with all of one’s heart, mind, soul and strength, and to love one’s neighbor as one’s self.

Sanctuary Abroad image showing missionary stereotypes: Zeisberger preaching to the Indians

Seriously, there is no “mission program” more powerful than you looking at folks with the eyes of Jesus and then loving them with His Love.

Having said that we do hope to do that together as a group. On a local level we’ll seek to do this through our Community Life Programs, particularly our monthly community outreach through Wednesday Night Life. We hope you’ll join us.

We’ll also seek to do that through an initiative we’ve labeled “Sanctuary Abroad.”

A Global Reformation

As we’ve stated, the Sanctuary feels called to be a church without walls. We seek to be a vibrant local community, but have come to realize that our community is not only a small local fellowship. It’s Global.

  • At the Sanctuary we preach a message that may offend some on the left: that all are sinners and all need to be saved.
  • And we preach a message that may offend some on the right: that all are sinners and God is saving all.

The message may have limited local appeal, but we believe that it’s part of a global reformation that will have and is having a very broad appeal.

For that reason in 2013, the board of the Sanctuary established an initiative, and accompanying committee, we call Sanctuary Abroad. Through the internet, publications, conferences, trips, missionaries and organizations that we support, we hope to bring the message of Relentless Love to the World and foster of global fellowship of those that believe God in Christ Jesus makes all things new.

If you’d like to be a part of this effort, you already are through your giving. If you’d like to volunteer for one of our projects, please contact Peter.

Getting Involved

No matter what, we’d like for you to be involved with our online community. We recently launched a new website designed to reach people that are not part of our local fellowship, but want to engage with the Sanctuary and the Gospel that we preach, We also have a thriving Facebook community with thousands of participants from around the world. By “liking” our Facebook page, and interacting with folks around the world, you’re helping us become that church without walls and a church madly in love with Jesus.

In the fall we offer our Relentless Love Class. It’s designed to help you understand and share the Good News wherever you go. We hope you’ll come with questions and all your neighbors—it might be a good way to love them. After all, you are a missionary!