Angie Dancer

Angie Dancer, Pastor of Children’s Ministry

Because of our vision to introduce children to Jesus, and invite them to share in His life, we seek to be a ministry that encourages our children to know Him by telling them His story, worshiping together, actively relying on and offering God’s grace, and providing a place where children can ask questions and explore faith freely.

The Story and Wonder

Jesus is the Story. We want the children to hear God’s story and to wonder about it. We believe that walking children through God’s story from beginning to end is one of the ways God speaks through His Spirit to them. Click here for more information on storying.


Each Sunday morning, our children begin worship upstairs in the Sanctuary with their parents. After the first few songs are done, children are excused to go downstairs for their own time of worship, a fun game and then the story. The story we tell and the response time after is also worship! The children are at play with God, this is how they experience Him so deeply and He them.


Community is another way that children (and the adults working with them) experience Jesus. Wondering together about the story brings a great sense of knowing about one another. We have grace for one another, and we see each other truthfully, striving to create a community where everyone is welcome, enfolded and loved. This love is spreading out to the community around us through church work projects and neighborhood activities.

Church-wide Community

We are also always looking for ways to create church-wide family at the Sanctuary. We know that for children to feel at home at a church they have to be welcomed into the life of the church, through family projects, church dinners, special services upstairs, worship times and more.

Sunday Mornings

Nursery (ages 0–2)

Our little ones meet in our nursery room that is at the bottom of the stairs on the West Side of the building. We have regular caretakers and volunteers who love on these little ones.


Our preschool room is next to the nursery. We have a regular teacher who is there every week and a wonderful group of volunteers. The prek kids join in group worship and then head to their classes for play, story, circle time and crafts.

K/1st, 2nd/3rd, and 4th/5th

These are our three elementary classrooms. They gather after group worship, game and storytime for wondering and craft response. Their class times are volunteer and regular teacher led.


We strive to provide the best protection for your children while they are in our care. All children 0-5th Grade are signed in by a parent and can only be picked up by a parent or guardian. We provide ongoing training with our volunteers and have implemented safe practices to prevent child sexual abuse. In addition for the protection of your children we do background checks on our lead volunteers.

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